VODI’s major products are menswear and kids’ wear. By combining meticulously selected fabrics and up-to-date technology, VODI creates unique and high quality customized and ready-made garments. Products are segmented into the following categories:

  • Shirts
  • Kaftans
  • Suits
  • Blazers
  • Agbada
  • Safaris
  • Etibos
  • South-South Style
  • Pants
  • Tunic Tops
  • Sportswear
  • Security Outfits
  • Overalls
  • Jumpers
  • Corporate Uniforms.

Apart from offering these product options to our extensive consumer base, we also produce customized Badges and Crests using the latest Embroidery, Monograming and Heat Transfer technology.

VODI Tailors also offers fashion consultation for celebrities and political figures.


At VODI, we understand the importance of getting our products to the wide range of consumers we serve. Owing to the dispersive spread of our consumers, all around Nigeria and other parts of the globe, VODI has established various distribution channels.

Showroom Pick-Up

One of our major distribution channels is the Show-room pickup. VODI’s show rooms are located at #43 and #44 Madeira Street, Maitama District Abuja.  The show room at #43 is meant for bespoke pick-ups and also serves as the customer relations point while the #44 Showroom is dedicated to readymade products.  The showroom is the place-holder for samples of our unique fabrics and customers can make their choices from the wide range of distinctive fabrics available. For all our customers, we have a comprehensive database that includes their measurement details however, because we get new customers on a daily basis, our professional sales representatives also take customers’ measurements in the showroom. The #43 showroom was not originally designed for the purpose of product pick-up, as we currently deliver finished products to our customers’ doorsteps however, our customers being aware of the rush for available fabrics, prefer to pick-up finished bespoke clothes and simultaneously select new fabrics and place orders for new designs.  The #44 Showroom holds finished high-quality design readymade products and customers can come there to shop for their choices.

VODI also has a dedicated showroom located at Suite 7, 2nd Floor, Israel Plaza, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse II Abuja. This showroom is strategically located at the major commercial region of Abuja for easy access to the consumers. The showroom combines the services offered by the #43 and #44 showrooms.

Home delivery

One other distribution channel utilized by VODI Tailors is the VODI Home Delivery service. Customers’ products are delivered to their door steps once their orders are ready. The VODI Home Delivery System was established to support part of our vision, surpassing consumers’ expectations.

Currently, VODI’s home delivery system is available in Abuja, Enugu, Port-Harcourt and Lagos.

As a means to react to our dispersed consumers, VODI compliments its Home Delivery System with courier services to ensure that consumers that are not in locations covered by the Home Delivery System still get their products delivered to their vicinity for easy collection. Through various courier services, VODI delivers finished products both locally and internationally.

….packaged products ready for home delivery

Internet Based Marketplace

As a proactive organization, VODI understands the importance of utilizing all possible feasible marketing outlets and distribution channels. VODI understands the importance of the internet and social networking as a strong marketing tool which must be harnessed by every forward thinking organization.  To this end, deployments are underway for a socio-marketing system that allows consumers to interact virtually with the company’s products and services, performing real time order placements and delivery time monitoring. Upon full deployment, the VODI virtual marketplace would provide consumers with information regarding in-stock fabrics and also allow consumers place orders online.

48-Hour Mobile Tailor Outlet

In a quest to reach out to consumers with a lower spending power, VODI launched the 48 Hour Mobile Tailor brand. With the 48-Hour Mobile Tailor outlet VODI takes the same services it offers in the various showrooms to different corporate organization.  VODI’s 48-Hour Mobile Tailor outlet was launched in reaction to the discovery that some customers could not access our products due to price considerations and their work schedule. The 48-Hour Mobile Tailor breaks these two barriers for this specific market by bringing services to potential consumers’ corporate environment at lower prices. Consumers can purchase ready made products or place orders for bespoke garments from their work environment and receive the products immediately or 48 hours respectively. The 48-Hour Mobile Tailor breaks the pricing and accessibility barriers for a specific identified market segment.



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